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BMTA Guests / Re: BMTA newsletter wins award!
« Last post by Glenn Lenhard - Glenn's MG Repair on June 04, 2009, 05:01 PM »
Congratulations to the person who has to put it all together. That's were the real work is! Great job!
BMTA Guests / BMTA newsletter wins award!
« Last post by Alan The Lowly Admin Guy on June 04, 2009, 10:33 AM »
The BMTA's newsletter has just received a Golden Quill Award from the editors of Old Cars Weekly "... in recognition of outstanding efforts in the communications field of the old car hobby."

Congrats to all those who help put the newsletter together, those who contribute articles and especially to everyone who takes time out of their day to read it!   ;)
Ooohh, Fun! More levitation over the shiny paint! I think we will wait until the end of the season for our sake and the owners. Not to mention allowing the engine a little break in time so we have the potential to repair anything else that possibly comes up by that time. Better, yet, I'm sending it Joe's way. LOL!
We changesda rope seal in an XKE once and we had to drop the crank , the seal in the E was form fitted . I could tell you about the "Fix" from Briggs Cunninghams & Alfred Momos shop regarding  riviting a "cup" and a drain tube back into the oil pan
Looking in my books, the early MkII/XK120s have only a scroll seal, while the laters have a two piece rope seal held in a two piece retainer.  The flywheel would have to come off to replace this, from what I can see.
So we finished the XK120 and going through teething issues now. Brakes, oil leaks, you know, the usual suspects.

This car has an "Early 1960's 3.8L" as the owner tells me. Its had an oil leak from the first time we ran it from the rear main "seal".

So, two questions-
Is this a rope seal
(Hardy-harr-Harr- a laugh for Glenn)
Can this be repaired without pulling the engine and only pulling the pan?


I did not realize that C & C was nationwide. We are having one in the Twin Cities (Mpls/St Paul, MN) in the motorplex in Chanhassen. Very neat event but my MGB V6 is a bit out of place with all the other vehicles there. Still, they accept it so far. My black sheep brother will be down there with his well built Corvette LS1 powered 924.

I Highly recommend that you speak to others around your area and see if there are any gatherings like this if you like cars in general (nudge nudge) and off a quick websearch, you can find them here:

Minneapolis Area has changed their name to Cars and Café from my understanding and is now posted here:

By the way, I took my Mini to a cars and coffee event in Orlando this morning--lots of Lamborghinis, Porsches, Ferraris, etc. The Mini always had a crowd around it. And yes, I let total strangers sit inside it.
That would be awesome. I wonder if we can get him here.
Special guest Mark Harmon???

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