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Started by Alan The Lowly Admin Guy, March 30, 2009, 05:00 PM

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Alan The Lowly Admin Guy

This message board is visible to guests of the BMTA in an effort to show you what the message board is all about.

Our current members have access to a general membership discussion board where all topics from tech support to information requests are welcomed.  We also provide a buy/sell/trade forum so that members can easily tell each other what they have excess of, what they are in need of, and what they may desperately be searching for to install on a customer vehicle.

We are taking some of our more interesting posts and copying them here in an effort to show you some of our activity.  Please pardon our dust as this board is new and we are still populating it.
Alan Dalman
Executive Director - British Motor Trade Association
Manager - Eclectic Motorworks LLC