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BMTA newsletter wins award!

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Alan The Lowly Admin Guy:
The BMTA's newsletter has just received a Golden Quill Award from the editors of Old Cars Weekly "... in recognition of outstanding efforts in the communications field of the old car hobby."

Congrats to all those who help put the newsletter together, those who contribute articles and especially to everyone who takes time out of their day to read it!   ;)

Glenn Lenhard - Glenn's MG Repair:
Congratulations to the person who has to put it all together. That's were the real work is! Great job!

Kelvin Dodd - Moss Motors:

Congratulations to you. It's your hard work that has made it happen.

Tucker Madawick - Autosport, Inc.:
Nice job! I read the newsletter cover to cover every time. Thanks for making it a good read.
I guess I'm not the only one who thinks that way! Carry on good man!
Erika A Madawick :)

Alan The Lowly Admin Guy:
Erika, didn't I give you your own login?  Stop pretending to be that senile ol' man!


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