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The Carb Man Gets Excited

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Matt Bakes - Triumph Rescue:
  After all these years of dealing with him I finally figured out how to get Joe Curto excited. Just put 2 H8 Sand Cast S/U's off a XK 120 in a box and ship them to Joe and just wait for the phone to ring.

  Life is Good...... Matt     

Brian Mc Cullough - BMC British Automobile:
Do tell more... I'm sure Joe isn't monitoring this at all!


Joe Curto - Joe Curto Inc.:
Brian see previous reply

Joe Curto - Joe Curto Inc.:
Matt what was most exciting was that you did not know what you sent, you MUST get out more, God if you only had sent a set of DU 6 carbs I would not be able to contain myself ( Picture a 45 DCOE Weber with 2 SU domes popong out of the top


Matt Bakes - Triumph Rescue:
Joe, Now you know I am not a carb expert, that's why I sent them to you. But you couldn't be more right if you tried, and my wife would agree with you even more, I do need a life, and your right about those carbs, It doesn't matter to me what they are, as long as the car runs and the cutomer is happy. But I will add more insurance next time I ship something like that.



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