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Member Information Rat-Co
7 Old Dock Road
Yaphank, NY 11980
Phone: (631) 205-2426
Fax: (631) 205-1072
The concept of building and selling new frames for Triumph sport cars grew from a tech project of the Long Island Triumph Association in the early winter of 2002. The club had a ?donor? TR6 and a large inventory of spare parts and pieces. The idea, inspired by the club?s Technical Coordinator Anthony Vigliotti, was a ground up complete restoration with an unusual twist: Make the car six inches wider! This would give the TR6 a distinctive look, more interior shoulder room, and a wider wheel base for better stability and handling. It also provided the room to install the aluminum Rover V8 that Tony just happened to have sitting around. The TR6 plus 6 project was born. The first job was to strip down the donor and hoist the body off the frame. Ouch! It was soon obvious that there was a major problem? The thirty year old frame was a mess. The swing arm mounting rails were very badly rusted and many places on the forward rails were rusted through in critical spots. There was no way the frame could be reliably repaired and reinforced much less cut in half and widened six inches.

The decision to build a new frame from scratch was easily made and the TR6 plus 6 project began with the new frame as the first major goal. One year later it was finished and a rolling chassis, complete with the Rover V8, was assembled in time for the Roadster Factory Summer Party. The widened rolling chassis was flat towed to the event and was placed on display in the Roadster Factory?s main building and quickly became a favorite among the spectators. The most common questions were ?why are you doing this? and the second was ?How can I get one for my restoration project?. Well if you have to ask ?why? you just wouldn?t understand the answer and at that time the building of frames for sale was not even contemplated. Over the next two years Tony found himself building two more frames for other projects. It was obvious that interest in new frames was out there. It looked like a commercial enterprise would fly and he enjoyed the work. That and a real desire to keep the Triumph marquee alive led to the founding of the frame division of RATCO Inc.
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