• The British Motor Trade Association

    Welcome to the British Motor Trade Association. We’re an industry group aimed at keeping British car ownership fun and affordable.

    homepageWe are open to all businesses that serve the British car hobby: parts suppliers, restoration houses, service shops, insurance providers, event organizers, media publishers, car dealers, club officials and more. Our members include both wholesale and retail firms.

    Between our annual conference, message board and weekly email blasts, the BMTA provides immediate access to others in this scene, from one-man shops to industry giants. Whether you’re looking for networking opportunities, technical assistance, sales outlets, customer feedback or just a sympathetic ear, we can help. Call it a fast track to becoming an industry insider.

    To make membership more accessible, we recently lowered our annual dues to $175 per business. We also added another feature: Upon joining, each new member will be paired with a board member, providing an immediate conduit to the rest of the group. We promise that you’ll find the benefits very worthwhile. A membership application can be found here.

    If you are a British car enthusiast, but not in the trade, we can still offer assistance. Browse our members list for reputable businesses who are willing and able to help you enjoy your British car.