• About The British Motor Trade Association

    Even the best ninja needs a support staff. That’s where the BMTA comes into play.

    Whether your business has more than a thousand employees or just one, we provide the networking needed to open new doors–doors that lead to new customers, new sources and new solutions.

    The truth is that many of the businesses involved in the British motor trade are small, employing less than 10 people. As a result, these businesses often have trouble finding the time or other resources needed to expand their businesses.

    British Motor Trade AssociationThe British Motor Trade Association is that necessary network for success. It was formed to draw together the three aspects of the business–the “Trade Triangle”–to cooperatively promote and improve the British car ownership experience. Improved business would then follow.

    This Trade Triangle is composed of three key elements:

    Suppliers: These parts manufacturers and rebuilders–both wholesaler and retail outfits–offer the products that other businesses need to keep our beloved British cars running. In addition to their customers, these parts suppliers also need solid sources as well as help improving and developing products. They also need magazines and events for advertising and promoting their wares.

    Shops: Repair and restoration shops keep the cars running and on the road. Dealers bring new people into the hobby. All of these firms need good sources for parts and expertise as well as media outlets and events for reaching new customers and interacting with current ones.

    Media: Probably the most underused area of the triangle encompasses the media outlets–which includes traditional magazines as well as clubs and event organizers. These groups and businesses provide the venues that bring excitement, education and innovation to this hobby. With support from suppliers in the way of technical information, new product announcements, advertising, sponsorships and other cross-promotions, the media can help springboard good ideas into successful products and services.IMG_8009resized

    The British Motor Trade Associate has a simple and clear two-part mission: • To promote the British car as a safe, reliable, and enjoyable vehicle worthy of enjoyment and investment. • To promote business to business collaboration that improves knowledge, quality, expands business, and explores emerging markets.

    The British Motor Trade Association is an all-volunteer group led by a board of directors:

    • Chairperson David S. Wallens, editorial director, Classic Motorsports and Grassroots Motorsports Magazines
    • Susan Berkowitz, online marketing specialist
    • Kelvin Dodd, global sourcing engineer at Moss Motors, Ltd.
    • Robert Clark, owner of Clark & Clark Specialty Products, Inc.
    • Paul Dierschow, owner of Sports Car Craftsmen
    • Alan Dalman serves as the group’s executive director.