• 2015 BMTA Board Member Elections

    It is election time once again. There have been six candidates brought forward for two available BMTA board member positions. In the next few days you will be receiving a self-addressed, stamped ballot post card along with printed copies of the biographies of all 6 candidates. Please fill the postcard out marking your choice(s), making sure to select no more than 2 candidates. To be counted, postcards must be postmarked no later than Friday, June 15, 2015.

    The candidates for the two board member positions are (in alphabetical order):

    Joe Alexander—Alexander Racing Enterprises
    Stuart Arbeit—Custom Spares Ltd.
    Susan Berkowitz—Victoria British Ltd.
    Tucker Madawick—AutoSport inc.
    David S. Wallens—Classic Motorsports Magazine
    Bruce Woodson—Mercer & Woodson

    Biographies for each of the candidates are being mailed to you along with your self-addressed, stamped ballot postcard. Additionally, Bios for all candidates can be viewed here (PDF).