• The BMTA welcomes new member Vintage Car Solutions of Houston, TX!

    by  • April 4, 2013 • BMTA News

    Vintage Car Solutions - Houston, TXThe British Motor Trade Association is happy to announce our newest member, Michael Keith of Vintage Car Solutions in Houston, TX.  Vintage Car Solutions is a classic and antique car restoration and repair shop in the Houston area of Texas, specializing in classic Italian sports cars doing everything from routine maintenance to body work and first-class restorations.  While primarily a shop dedicated to Alfa Romeos, VCS has been recently expanding into the British car field due to customer demand.


    • We are a vintage car service & restoration shop focused primarily on Alfa Romeo’s.  We are experienced in all post-war Alfas from 750 series cars through the 24V 164s; including 102/106 series cars & Montreals.
    • While Alfas are at the core of what we do, we are interested in all sorts of classic cars, & through our affiliation with an avid collector, we have worked on a wide variety of cars including Fiat, Ferrari, Lancia, Maserati, Jaguar, Toyota Land Cruiser, Isetta, & even a Rambler.


    • Because we are Alfisti, we understand what it’s like to have an under-supported classic.  As much as I value our expertise with Alfas, I also value the knowledge & skills applied in gaining that expertise.  It is our endeavor to apply those same skills to support other under-supported classics.  If you have a classic car for which you have not been able to find satisfactory service & support, we would like to talk to you.
    • I have seen a number of cars that have been “worked on” but still are not fixed.  I set out to be the shop that fixes classic cars rather than merely working on them.  We keep very low overhead; so we do not have to maintain an unreasonably high car count.  This allows us to take our time, & do the job right.  If your classic has a persistant problem that no one seems to be able to fix, come see us.  Don’t accept the notion that “they all do that.”


    • We support the DIY’er.  I started out as a DIY’er, first out of necessity to get to work every day & then in an effort to keep my race car on the track.  I discovered that I enjoyed wrenching as much as I enjoyed racing, & while I had to give up racing, I kept on wrenching.  Although I now make my living serving those who do not work on their own cars, I still firmly believe that the DIY’er is the backbone of the classic car hobby.
    • I believe your efforts keep the hobby alive by keeping cars on the road that would otherwise be scrapped, & as such, benefit businesses such as mine in the long run.  Therefore, I’m happy to share my knowledge, experience, & research material (including extensive Alfa microfiche).  Email, call, or stop by for a chat & a cup of coffee.