• BMTA member British Vacuum Unit production update

    by  • April 8, 2013 • BMTA News

    We’re now supplying many of the British parts suppliers around the world with Early O.E. Distributor vacuum units.  We’re not only manufacturing all 1940s to late 1970s O.E. type Lucas distributor vacuum units we’re manufacturing many one of a kind type such as:
    • 1972-74  Aston Martin DB5 54413630  5-9-5R
    • 1986 Lotus Espit Turbo 54405132  1-6-14P  duel action advance and retard.
    • 1963-67 Lotus factory O.E. 54415088 5-17-10 and 54420293 2-4-3
    • Daimler SP250 and Rolls Royce O.E. Type tapered mount 54411675 6-17-9, 54412403 4-17-6 and 54415488 8-20-8  In the past many of these new and used units have dried up.
    We’ve produced for the first time, vacuum advance units to convert the 1971-76 TR6 retard only distributor to the early type vacuum advance ignition system. We offer three 1971-76 TR6 special units,
    advance codes. 3-7-8, 5-13-10 and 6-18-10. We can custom manufacture any TR6 special advance to any code you request.
    If it’s odd, hard to find, need your unit restored or your just looking for a new O.E. unit your car rolled off the assembly line with, send your request, we most likely have it new in stock.
    British Vacuum Unit
    Briar Bush Rd
    Canterbury, NH 03224